The Importance of Risk: Raising Fearless Children

If you know nothing else of me from this blog journey, you know I’m a mom of boys. Two boys who love to climb, jump, and swing from anything above eye level. And I’m ok with that.

I think that when a child is young there is a need for risk. Now I don’t mean jumping out of a plan without a parachute risk. But maybe jumping off a knee high rock wall with holding their hands risk. Climbing up a tree risk. And even eating dirt risk. Continue reading


Make your own Probiotic Deodorant and smell nice too!

This morning as I was being told by big Bear that I was taking to long in the shower (he’s 4 and I was in there for 15min) I realized I was out of my fav deodorant. Toms of Maine. Love that brand. They really work hard to put out good products that are really good for you. Continue reading

Charcoal Soap: Playing with dirt is good for you.

So I love to make soap. Always have, since my first little do it yourself kit from Michaels. Not the best base by the way. I love making fun looking soap. My fav has been the coffee latte bar I made forever ago!

So during the holidays I like to pick up the old soap mold and concoct something fun for those around me. I rummaged through the collection of fun things I have gathered over the past few months and came up with this: Continue reading

How to get your kid to eat their vegetables. With or without them knowing

A few months ago I signed up to do a Meal Train for friend who had just gone through surgery and had two young ones. Helping AND cooking!?! Count me in for any Meal Train!!
(BTW look out for my chicken soup recipe coming soon!) Continue reading

Free Range Toesies: Why I let me kid run barefoot outside

It’s summer! Finally!! We had such a horrible winter this year. Added in the fact I had a newborn and a 3 year old and man was I ready for some fun on the sun!! As I watched Big Bear on the swing set the other day I realized his socks and shoes were off. It’s a habit he’s into right now and I’m a-o-k with it. Continue reading