5 ways to stop a meltdown in the summer heat:

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Ah summer! Longer days. Longer playground trip. Longer epic melt downs from who knows what. If you have kids you might have noticed that although summer is tons of fun, there seems to also be a lot more craziness. The Bears have taught me a lot about how to survive summer. Here are my top 5 tricks to get though a summer melt down! Continue reading


My flight plan: How to pack food for a long trip on a plane.

This past week I was on what can only be called a very lively plane ride to Utah. Turbulence was an understatement. Hubs was holding it together by playing Fallout Shelter and I “listened” to how proteins are digested. Holy crap was I happy to get to Utah. ::breathe::
We haven’t traveled in a long time so I wanted to make sure this trip was a good one. Thinking back on past trips, I saw a common theme. “Hangry traveling”. It can bring down the strongest of worldly travelers. I know I can be a pain when hungry and hubs can shut down if not fueled properly. So I put more thought into our on flight snacks then I did to what we packed for clothes. I know I packed enough underwear so I’m good. Continue reading