How to manage the Crazy

I’m in full on Back to School mood these days. Bear is 4 so it’s not full on school time for us yet. But September mean schedules and events and soccer and CrossFit kids and and and….. Did I pack any snacks? Who has clean underwear on? Did they brush their teeth? With all the shifts in schedules and new events going on how’s a mom to maintain to awesomeness and not get overwhelmed?
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Getting things back to normal: Chore Charts

Oh summer! How I love you. Long days of fun and stuff…. Honestly I’m burnt out. Summer is great. And we’ve had lots of fun this year. But man I can not wait to have our schedule back. The bears have free range during summer but September means Mama Bears back at the reigns. Continue reading

Resolutions vs. Commitments

It’s almost January!! Let’s make a bunch of random promises to ourselves that we’re not going to keep! That’s what I thought every January. I would start out with a random plan that didn’t reflect my goals. “I’m going to start a diet.” “I’m going to craft more.” I would make “deals” with myself. “I can have this cake if I don’t eat anything else bad today.” It was a train wreck from January till about March when it had all fallen apart anyway. Continue reading