I tried a meal delivery service: Here’s what happened…and what got broke…

Truth time for minute. I love to cook, but I don’t always love cooking every meal every day. So when Green Chef said they would send me a box of organic fresh ready to cook food, well heck yeah I jumped at the chance.

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How to cheat on your diet (in a smart way)

I love talking to people about eating healthy. I really do. There’s something rewarding in it for me. When I see someone able to reach a new fitness goal by just adjusting a few things. But I know the pull is great to just slack off and let the “cookies you thought you threw out” find their way into your hand during a Netflix bing session. Continue reading

How do you not buy crap

Often in this day and age we tend to take things at face value. I remember a conversation recently about a new health scare and how it was valid since they read it on facebook. It had to be. It was even shared. Since I work in the health and wellness field I get asked about these things often. Sometimes it’s easy to point out holes in the story, but sometimes it’s so well written it seems infallible. How are we do know the difference? Continue reading

The Garden: Part Two the dirt and plants

So if you want go back and check out part one about my set up, it will make this next statement make more sense. I needed dirt! Like a lot of it. Around 50-60lbs to fill my boxes. A quick trip to the local hardware store and I suddenly felt like I was going to need a small farm loan to get this done. $7 a bag for a few pounds and it would cost me around $400 to fill everything. Continue reading

Farmers Markets: When to buy what

This is where you can really get some great insight into what it takes to make good, real food. You can also get a bit confused with all that’s going on. When I went to my first farmers market is was totally overwhelmed. I had no idea what to do. I think I grabbed a few carrots and ran back to my car. It wasn’t until a few seasons later I realized I could actually talk to the people handing me the carrots. I could ask them questions and they would gladly answer them. In fact most farmers relish the chance to talk about their work. And why not?! It’s a pretty sweet gig.

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The Pantry Series Part 1: What do you keep in your pantry?

I get asked about food a lot. I guess I have that sort of face. 😉 Often people just aren’t sure where to start. Do you just throw it all out and start from scratch or do you work with what you have and try to make it better? It’s a funny thing but it all depends one a few factors. Do you live alone? Do you have support from those around you to make these changes? Do you know why you want to make these changes? Continue reading

How do I make my kid eat healthy food?

Such a trusting look. Not suspicious at all....

Such a trusting look. Not suspicious at all….

“How do I make my kid eat healthy food?” I get asked that a lot these days. My two little guys (3 and 1) love to eat. I’m really lucky that they are willing to try new things. Well everything is new to Little Bear. Big Bear (not their real names by the way) can get a little more picky at times. But I like to think I got it figured out when it comes to my kids and how to get them to mostly clear their plates. I’m going to share with you my top 5 tip and tricks. Keep in mind these are just things that work for my kids. You’re kids might be a bit different and need a few adjustments. Be patient and try things a few times. Which takes us to tip number one… Continue reading

My flight plan: How to pack food for a long trip on a plane.

This past week I was on what can only be called a very lively plane ride to Utah. Turbulence was an understatement. Hubs was holding it together by playing Fallout Shelter and I “listened” to how proteins are digested. Holy crap was I happy to get to Utah. ::breathe::
We haven’t traveled in a long time so I wanted to make sure this trip was a good one. Thinking back on past trips, I saw a common theme. “Hangry traveling”. It can bring down the strongest of worldly travelers. I know I can be a pain when hungry and hubs can shut down if not fueled properly. So I put more thought into our on flight snacks then I did to what we packed for clothes. I know I packed enough underwear so I’m good. Continue reading

Portion Sizes: Got enough on your plate?

(Full disclaimer here, I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t play one on TV. I just spend a lot of time dealing with people who want to get healthier and I have a lot of personal experience with food. A lot! Always check with a trained, registered professional before changing your diet.)

I get asked a lot about how much people should be eating. It’s a really hard question to answer in a few short minutes. It’s a personal in depth, quest seeking sort of question. One that leads to more questions before you find the answer. So if you ever find yourself asking “How much should I be eating?” Stop and ask yourself “What are my goals for eating?” Do you want to gain weight or lose it? Are you in training mode or off season? Do you have restrictions with food or are you good to go? Too many questions to be searching the internet for personal answers. I always tell people right off the bat, go to a nutritionist! Doctors can help. But most doctors never receive any real training when it comes to food. BTW that’s just crazy to me. Continue reading