About Me

10998868_10152856909229865_2141316565697209639_nI’m a Mom, wife, box owner and foodie. My husband and two sons all eat like teenagers in training. I wanted to learn more about what I was feeding them. This isn’t a blog about GMO’s, this isn’t anti anything. I’ll leave that to the scientist and professionals. I will however state I don’t think we know enough about the long term effect, like a lifetime effect. So I personally try to avoid GMO’s. I instead try to shop farmers markets and buy real whole food. That being said you will find Annies in my pantry. She’s hiding in there for the days I just need to feed the bears and forgot to defrost/prep or plan. I’m human and so are you. We can either live with guilt or try our best everyday. Hopefully I will be able to create a great site where you will be able to find ideas on living healthier and maybe even a little humor. So join me as I try to change the world, cause it’s more fun in a group 🙂


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