Finding My Passion and Being a Stay at Home Mom.

Finding Your PassionSo I have two boys. They are awesome! Awesome at making me smile and question my sanity. Most times on the same day. But this has nothing to do with my kids. Or my husband (he’s awesome too and also drives me crazy)

This has to do with me. I’m not 20, at all. I’m not past my prime either. I’m stuck on that zone of “I’ve been a mom for just a bit too long to go back to where I was” If you have kids you might know this feeling. You know you rock as a mom. Your kids are happy and know you love them. Just the right amount a discipline and mess happens in your house. But then after everyone has gone to bed and you are left with your thoughts for the first time since 5am when the first request for yogurt raisins came, you think “is this all I’m going to do?”

Now don’t get me wrong!! Being a stay at home is a full time rewarding job! It’s hard on a good day. But I (like many) came from a creative background and find it hard to be happy just making salt dough decorations.

I want to be were my people are. I want to see, want to see them crafting! Walking around with those, what do you call them? Lattes!! (I’m such a 90’s kid).


Anyway. I had a sit down with my best sounding board, my hubs. And talked the big talk. What do I want to be when I grow up? What is one thing I would do if time, money, family were all in place? Where do I see myself doing the most good? It was a hard talk but necessary. Thankfully I have an amazingly supportive partner in this journey.

All the answers came down to I love to craft. I love to talk to people about being healthy. I love to try new things. All things I do now, here, in this blog. But are they my passion? Are they how I will find my path? I can point to many women leading the life I would love to. (<– personal friends <3)

Each putting their own vibe and spin on living a healthy, busy life. But can I do that? Could I dear tell people my thought? Well I sort of already am. Maybe I can do this? Can you really make your own path and live the life you want and still be a stay at home? Maybe with all the new freedom from great app on the phone I can… This summer will be the real test. Full time stay at home with two energy balls and no camps planned.

So I’m coming up with a plan. I’ll need to brain storm and plan a lot. A LOT! Meals, schedules, playdate don’t take care of themselves. Invest in a good planner. I’m finding the Sugar Paper planner from Blue Sky to be working great for me! Add a little washi tape and stickers and boom! You know when what’s going down!

From there I’ll need to make sure I’m carving time out for myself. And really do it. I won’t be staying home if I can help it. The dish’s will gently whisper to me from the kitchen as the children loudly scream from the living room. I will get nothing done, trust me! So I will take a day (or days) and a time and make it mine. I like CrossFit so I’ve found a time that I can go and it’s mine. My precious, no touchy, MINE! 😉

Working out is

On Sunday I will take some time after the kids have gone to bed and everything is done and plan the week. I know I need to talk to hubs since he has a ever changing schedule. I know every week might be different so I make sure I know his schedule and plan mine around his. Now I’m not putting myself second. His schedule provides more for our family finically than mine so his takes priority. I still value my time just as much, but I can shift a lot easier than he can. Expect Mon Wed Fri at 9:15 (for realz no touchy!!)

Then there’s the need to create and provide something positive into the world. Here comes the up tick in blogging. My goal is to add more content to this fun little forum and build something that helps other and myself. Make sure to follow me on Instagram too (that’s where all the pretty stuff is) I will try to get back to my plan of a blog for moms (and dad and parents in all forms) to find someone else who have no idea what’s going on but still trying to fake it till they make it. I will add recipes and health tips that will help busy families. And even write about things we deal with in real life. Like how we are going camping over an hour away with a kid that gets carsick…… wait, what? I have to get some plastic bags and Clorox…..

Thanks for reading my ramble. Wish me luck!


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