The war on Legos

It never fails. We get in the car and start on our journey to, anywhere really, and I hear. I dropped one as soon as I turn on to the road.

See I have two boys who love Legos. Like these little plastic pieces are creeping into every corner of my life. I find them in the bathroom, the bedrooms, the closets, on the soccer field, anywhere except the playroom. And now they are in my car.

Now I have nothing against Legos. I enjoy playing with them too. But when we’re running late and I hear the beginning of a break down because I can’t pull the car over in rush hour traffic to get a blue block from under the passengers seat, well I find myself less of a fan. Take that and times it by two and I’ll be in the corner trying to salvage what’s left of my once warm coffee.

So being a mom and having been raised in the “oh I can make that” mantra, I set to solving this problem. Thank you Pinterest collective.

I saw I wasn’t the first person to have this issue. And if you are reading this I wasn’t the last. So let’s get to it shall we?

The supplies: (some of the listed products are affiliate links. Thank you for your support)

Sterilite Box (I used 11×6 5/8 x 2 3/4) 

LEGO 13×13 board (I got two boards out of this)

Glue (just buy it so you don’t spend 20 min looking for it)

Xacto knife (for the cutting)

That’s it. Then wait until bed/nap time and get to it.

Take your board and find the middle. Place LEGO on one side and use that to make a straight line and to make sure there is enough space for the LEGO piece to fit.

Once the cut is made bend the board and break the pieces apart.

Glue it to the top of the box and fill it with Legos! And done! Store them in the back of the front seats of your car and enjoy not pulling over and looking like a crazy person.

Not into making stuff? Or don’t have the time? No worries! I found a company the makes them


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