Working in a flexibly scheduled life: How to be a working stay at home mom

You would think that 5 years in to this whole mom things I would be oozing advice about how to handle life and kids and dishes and a husband who gets called in to work with a major magazine with one days notice on a holiday weekend, better. But I’m not. I’m sitting here writing in hopes that this will help me as much as it helps you.

As I mentioned my life is one less scripted and more drunk improve. I have more calendars than hidden stashes of chocolate. And I try to have a cider in the fridge at all times. That’s just the truth of it right now. Bear is 5 and knows everything, Little Bear is 2 and doesn’t care for rules, or pants. Hubs is growing a business that is our main income and puts food on the table. I’m working on growing my blog (thank you for reading) and my business (Primal Pampering, check it out) and we’re trying to buy a house in what has been called the toughest market to date.

I noticed that a few things have slipped recently. I missed the soccer sign up and most of the summer camp registrations. I forgot about meeting up with friends and responsibilities to others. I got down on myself then decided to get back up.

I can’t not adult. I’m a mom and two little people need me. I’m a wife and my husband needs me. I’m a human and I need me. So here’s how I’m going to do it:

How to live a flexibly scheduled life:

“Get comfortable with the uncomfortable” – You can plan the crap out of your month, week, day, morning. But be ready for it all to change at the drop of a hat. Let go of the control you feel you need. Be ready to be out past 4:30 and not getting dinner on the table. Invest in good Tupperware and be ok with throwing out left overs. And put on a helmet honey!

Make sure you write it down – Recently I started bullet journaling. I bought myself a nice journal some good pens and started having fun. I also have a chalkboard calendar as a catch all for everyones events. We also use google calendars just to make sure we have everything covered. Even with all that Hubs and I try to sit down at the end of the day and talk about what tomorrow will be.

Prep for anything and everything – Every season I go through the car and reset. I try to remember to change the oil but honestly I’m more concerned with what’s in the trunk. When seasons change I take everything out of the car (normally finding the lost socks and jackets) and put in things we might/will/will never need. It’s almost summer so here’s what’s going in now. Bug spray, beach towels, extra swimming diapers, extra sun screen, cases of bottled water, extra sippy cups, shorts, t-shirts, baby powder (works wonders to remove sand) beach toys and the bubble machine with bubbles of course. Most of this stuff fits into one or two reusable bags. Packed nice and neat and left in the car. This works great for days when things go sideways and you just want to go to the beach or the playground but didn’t plan for it. No need to go home, you have the essentials.

Make sure you’re taking care of you
I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.
Recently I was given a chance to try a frozen lunch from Luvo for free. Let me tell you, when someone offers to give me real food that’s quick to eat, I’m down. It made me realize eating the last two bites of mac and cheese in the kitchen a way from hungry eyes, was no way to live. I was super impressed by how the food came out and even more impressed by how it tasted. The orange chicken was by far my fav!! And it has a great amount of protein for one meal! 34% for the one I love! Normally I stay clear of microwave meals because they taste rubbery and bland. Luvo had no such drawbacks. They use a fancy French technique of steaming in a pouch. Great flavor and texture. I mean can me on, look at that photo! That’s from a frozen meal!

But honestly make sure you have a few good food options for yourself! Either buy a rotisserie chicken and have easy salads or sandwiches, or invest in a few good microwave meals like the Luvo brand.

Remember, they won’t remember – Truth be told, I have very low expectations for my 5 year old. If he remembers to brush his teeth without me “asking” I considered it a win. So I’m working on letting go of those times when I expect more than he can give right now. The house will get messy 5 minutes after I clean it, dinner might be a fight or they might ask for thirds. But either way should be ok by you. In no way am I implying you should be a doormat for your children or anyone else for that matter, but with young ones you might be taken for granted from time to time. It’s not out of malaise. It’s out of their control. So embrace the mess that comes from running out of the house at 9am and not getting back until 6/7pm. Don’t feel like you have to have a better homes and garden house everyday. Have a loving home and a growing garden and you will be miles ahead.


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