Post flu clean up: tips and tricks to clean the flu out of your home

Dear winter,

Suck it! It’s supposed to be spring. The birds are supposed to be chirping. I’m not shoveling another inch of your depressing dandruff. Yet here I am on the couch with two sick bears hoping for it to be above freezing soon. One bear with a “sick” bowl kept within arms reach and the other thankfully still in diapers. This is not the glamours side of motherhood.

So was the unopened love letter I sent winter last week. Thankfully we are all on the mends and healthy. It’s funny to me how when I’m sick the first thought is to call my mom and ask her to help me clean. If my house can be clean then maybe we’ll all magically get better right away. I know there’s no quick fix for the stomach bug and the flu is just an unwelcome guest for a few days/weeks. But a clean house does set you up to recover a bit easier. It even helps to prevent the relaps in my option. So let’s get right to it!! How does one clean the flu out of their house?

Well I try my best to use natural cleaners and keep the harsh stuff out, when the flu hits, all bets are off! The main thing is to try to stay ahead of it. When you find out the flu is going around encourage more hand washing, wipe down surfaces a little more, hide under a blanket until Spring.

Before any big bad germs make their way into your house you can use this simple solution to keep things clean and chemical free:

1 part water to 3 parts hydrogen peroxide
10 to 20 drops of eucalyptus, tea tree, and or lemon balm essential oils

Keep this mixture in a dark bottle since hydrogen peroxide is light sensitive. Wipe your counters down with warm water and soap first, then spray the mixture and let it sit for 30 min. Hydrogen peroxide needs some time to kill the germs.

Honestly half the battle is creating an environment that germs can not thrive in. But inevitably at some point those little buggers get in. And when that happens the gloves go on and the Clorox comes out. To help you out I created a quick print out. Think of it as a reference guide to a deeper cleaning.


Download the cleaning check list here: flu


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