Post flu clean up: tips and tricks to clean the flu out of your home

Dear winter,

Suck it! It’s supposed to be spring. The birds are supposed to be chirping. I’m not shoveling another inch of your depressing dandruff. Yet here I am on the couch with two sick bears hoping for it to be above freezing soon. One bear with a “sick” bowl kept within arms reach and the other thankfully still in diapers. This is not the glamours side of motherhood. Continue reading


Embracing my husbands sweatpants

As a mom I spend a lot of time comparing my family and self to others. Not in an “I’m better” or “I’m worse” but in an “Is this shit normal?” sort of way. And truth be told I do sometimes find myself falling down that rabbit hole of “Am I the only one who didn’t brush their teeth this morning?” comparison.  Continue reading