We’re late! Sorry, I’m not sorry.

If you have children or children like people in your life, you might have experienced what I like to call “GET YOUR SHOES ON NOW!! running late”. That moment when you question why you are even leaving the house. Because as you pin down one child who decided that right before you walk out the door is the best time to do a stinky, you realize for some reason your other child has removed his shoes and he has forgotten how to put them back on. Even though you watched him do it 5 minutes ago. Like 5 minutes ago. Real time. That knowledge is now, somehow, gone.

I use to feel bad when I was dropping Bear off for school. Running in with the crazy of the morning still hanging in the air around me. I would see these moms and dads that would walk in with their kids who had brushed hair. BRUSHED HAIR!! I couldn’t remember if Bear had brushed his teeth. I was a whirl wind of stress and I had no idea why.

Why was I rushing out the door? To be on time of course. And yes it is important to teach your kids to be on time. But at 4 is it possible to teach them that by stressing out? I know it’s not doing me or Bear any good to start our day “fighting” over who needs to put shoes on who.

Can I teach him a different way? More importantly can I teach myself a different way? So as we approach the new school year, here’s what I’m going to try: I’m not going to worry about being late. I’m not going to put my stress on my child. I’m going to calmly ask him to go find his shoes and ask if he needs help. I’m not going to apologize for being late with my kids. We’ll show up 5 minutes late and still be able to have a good day.

School will still start if we’re not there and yes at some point he will need to learn to be on time. There will be events that we must be ready for. I in no way expect the world to wait for us. But for right now I’m going to try to wait for him.



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