How to manage the Crazy

I’m in full on Back to School mood these days. Bear is 4 so it’s not full on school time for us yet. But September mean schedules and events and soccer and CrossFit kids and and and….. Did I pack any snacks? Who has clean underwear on? Did they brush their teeth? With all the shifts in schedules and new events going on how’s a mom to maintain to awesomeness and not get overwhelmed?

Here are a few tips that have helped me out.

Organizing clothes – Take a few moments before before bed and plan out the outfits for the next day. Total time saver for rushed morning. Big kid tip: Let them pick out their outfits. It will let them feel like they have some control and helps them understand responsibilities. Bear knows that dirty clothes go in the hamper. 

Meal planning – Again a time saver. Sundays are good for setting up the week so write up a menu and make sure you defrost anything that you will be cooking the night before. And get a good crockpot if you don’t have one already.

Setting up a schedule – Use a simple planner to see a month out so you can see what’s coming up and what might need to wait until later. Keeping a balance between things that need to happen, like doctors appointments, and things that little ones want to happen, like playdates for days, helps to keep everyone on the same page.


Cleaning schedule – It seems silly, but to help from feeling over whelmed set up a cleaning schedule. This way you will know laundry is done on Mondays and Sundays. Floors are cleaned on Friday. Bathrooms are scrubbed every Wednesday. Or everyday if you have 2 boys and a mud runner in your house. And you won’t stress over the mess (as much) Download my free one here:


Importance of down time – All this talk of schedules. What about letting them be young and free? I think it’s a major part of being young. The idea of structured chaos or as I like to say The Importance of Risk. Kids need to feel like they have some control in their lives. Even if it’s just the idea of it. So allow them to play or do nothing for a day. You’ll be surprised what happens when you let them take charge. Weekends are a great time to let them pick what you do. And as long as it’s not going to the moon, try to accommodate them.

And on those days when it all goes to heck, just chalk it up to life and move on. Dishes will always be there but they are only young once!



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