Getting things back to normal: Chore Charts

Oh summer! How I love you. Long days of fun and stuff…. Honestly I’m burnt out. Summer is great. And we’ve had lots of fun this year. But man I can not wait to have our schedule back. The bears have free range during summer but September means Mama Bears back at the reigns.

Since Bear is almost 5 we are working on having him take up a few more chores around the house. He’s been good about clean his plate after dinner and occasionally picking up toys at night. But now we’re looking to have him understand what it means to help out more. So I’ve come up with a simple chart to help us out. There are two different layouts here.

The first one is for those of you starting out with your own little ones. The idea being that if you can offer a small reward for a full weeks worth of chores, you can help your child understand the benefit of chores. Personally we have used this to help during a hard sleeping stretch. Or if Bear really wants a certain toy.


Once your Bear understands how important it is to help out you can switch them over to the more traditional layout.



I hope this helps you get ready for the upcoming school year!


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