How to cheat on your diet (in a smart way)

I love talking to people about eating healthy. I really do. There’s something rewarding in it for me. When I see someone able to reach a new fitness goal by just adjusting a few things. But I know the pull is great to just slack off and let the “cookies you thought you threw out” find their way into your hand during a Netflix bing session.But what if I told you there was a simple easy way to stay on track that would make your choices easier and help change your habits? Crazy you say? Impossible? Not even in the littlest.

It’s as simple as using a piece of reusable plastic. I was introduced to these by Nicole M. of Healthy Steps Nutrition. She showed me how to use this one simple tool to help me stay on track and eat better. The magic tool? A 3 compartment container. That’s it.

So how does this not so magical tool help you “cheat”. I sort of fudged that, sorry. It won’t help you “cheat” ( I hate that term btw, let’s change cheat to treat and have a healthier out look ok? Ok.) It helps you reduce stress involved in planing you meals. Get a set or two (I got one but Hubs already stole a few so I’m ordering more) And simply use the compartments to separate out your protein, carbs and veggies. Here’s the catch, the big one is for veggies, the medium one is for protein, and the some one is for complex carbs or the occasional in season fruit. Here’s my plate from this morning.


Sooooo goooood.

I suggest picking one up and trying it for yourself. It’s a small investment in your health. It could help you get a great return. Plus for all you meal preppers stock up and get it done!

Pick up a pack from my store today and start eating better now.


Arianne d’Entremont Borgatti
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Mom of Bears


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