Dear Mom at the playground on your phone,

Please stop.

I know those emails are important. I know the voicemail left by a potential client is hanging out in you inbox. I know that new house that just came on the market already has 3,000 views and saves.


I know because I’m right there with you. Trying to be June Cleaver, Martha Stewart, and Carrie Bradshaw all at once. Although to be honest I come off as more Carrie Fisher these days.

We have at some point had this burden placed upon us. Be it self imposed or a product of our times, women are expected to do it all. Even though it’s almost impossible to have it all. How can you?

So please stop feeling guilty or judged.

A typical day for me starts with trying to dress a drunk midget and convincing a starving child to eat. And that’s a good start. When we leave for preschool/playdates on time (which is late to me by the way) there might be a bare foot child, a half eaten breakfast sandwich and a cold cup of previously hot coffee in hand. The whole time my phone will buzz with emails, text messages, notifications and random apps I thought I deleted notifying me to update about how great life is. Yay, maybe later.


So yes, once I get a moment to let the bears run in a safe place I will check everything. Emails that needed me attention 2 hours ago. Texts about plans I already missed. And even Facebook. Cause I need the extra guilt.

To the rest of the world if you want to judge us go ahead. But we can tell exactly where our kids are, who they are playing with and who’s fault it actually was.

We are multitasking modern moms. I won’t apologize and nither should you.


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