5 easy Screen free things to do when it’s just too damn hot out.

So we’re in the thick of summer up here. It’s been 90 degrees the past few days. I’m not turn on the oven. I’m not wearing any more clothes then is absolutely necessary. And I’m not stay outside for longer than to water my poor garden. The Bears love to keep busy so we’ve been at odds lately. They want to run around in the blasting heat, but in all honesty I just can’t. I’m known for passing out. Long story, fun times. Continue reading


Grain Free Pork Meatballs

Looking for a simple to make healthy option for a grab and go meal? I got you covered.

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How to cheat on your diet (in a smart way)

I love talking to people about eating healthy. I really do. There’s something rewarding in it for me. When I see someone able to reach a new fitness goal by just adjusting a few things. But I know the pull is great to just slack off and let the “cookies you thought you threw out” find their way into your hand during a Netflix bing session. Continue reading

How do you not buy crap

Often in this day and age we tend to take things at face value. I remember a conversation recently about a new health scare and how it was valid since they read it on facebook. It had to be. It was even shared. Since I work in the health and wellness field I get asked about these things often. Sometimes it’s easy to point out holes in the story, but sometimes it’s so well written it seems infallible. How are we do know the difference? Continue reading

Dear Mom at the playground on your phone,

Please stop.

I know those emails are important. I know the voicemail left by a potential client is hanging out in you inbox. I know that new house that just came on the market already has 3,000 views and saves.

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