DIY: Bentonite Clay Mask for all Skin types

I LOVE making beauty products. I have since I was really young. I loved making soaps and scrubs. Anything that smelled good. As I got older I started to read more into what I was making and were I was getting my bases from. Let’s say the soap bars from Micheal’s aren’t my go to anymore. I realized I could make things with higher quality ingredients and get even better results. Total DUH moment for me.

So now that I’m a mom and trying even harder to limit the amount of chemicals in our life, I enjoy making most of my beauty products myself. And with two crazy boys it’s important for me to make time for myself. But I don’t always have time for a trip to the spa. Thankfully I just have to run to my “Primal Pantry”. It’s a fun little shelf where I keep all thous weird things that’s aren’t really for cooking but could be, but aren’t…. Like bulk sugar, not for tea but for scrubs. Or oatmeal for breakfast or soaps… Poor hubs. He’s gotten into the habit of asking before he eats anything these days.



I decided to make a bentonite clay mask for after bed time. Bentonite clay is awesome! Bentonite clay is composed of ash made from volcanos. So it’s already pretty badass to begin with. It naturally wants to find and bind to toxins in the body so it will draw them out when placed on your skin. Bentonite clay also has an abundance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Throw that on your face and enjoy! I sure did!!


I get my Bentonite clay here (affiliate link). Now you can just mix bentonite clay and water to get a pretty good mask. But if you want to customize it for your skin type here are a few idea:



So mix up a batch and sit back to relax.

Side notes: If you use Apple Cider Vinegar do NOT leave it on for longer than 10-15 min. Turmeric is stain to heck out of anything it’s left on. Skin included so again no longer than 10-15 min. Use Cacao not Coco and have some fun and experiment!!


One thought on “DIY: Bentonite Clay Mask for all Skin types

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Fabulous! I love DIY masks. You look like you had loads of fun! It is nice to pamper ourselves. I think we need to do it more often as I think it really recharges us! Great post. Be well. Peace, Koko:)


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