The Garden: Part Two the dirt and plants

So if you want go back and check out part one about my set up, it will make this next statement make more sense. I needed dirt! Like a lot of it. Around 50-60lbs to fill my boxes. A quick trip to the local hardware store and I suddenly felt like I was going to need a small farm loan to get this done. $7 a bag for a few pounds and it would cost me around $400 to fill everything.

Garden_part2So I decided to let my garden go to dump. Well I went to the dump for my garden. Now I live in a fancy town so we call it a transfer station. And it have huge mountains of dirt, just sitting there. At first I was hesitant cause well it’s dump dirt. Was it any good for a garden? So I went to my social media support and asked around. Turns out one of my friends has been using the dirt for his garden and swears by it!! He showed me a pic of his garden last year and I was sold! Plus he has a truck and will help me get the dirt. What do you get someone who basically saved you hundreds of dollars and time? Coffee? That’s always worked for me?

So we got to digging. And dig we did. Thankfully it only took one trip. Win! And Bear was waiting for us when we got home. He wanted to help out. Double win!


Once it was filled I started dreaming of all the veggies and herbs and other noms we would be having soon. I had planned on doing seeds this year. I even made a fun storage system for them. But, I killed all the things so, that didn’t happen. But I did finally have a wonderful reason to check out the “new to me” garden center! Field trip!!!

Super happy. By deciding to go with plants I have a good foundation for my plants. I know they will stand a better chance.

Shortly after I got the plants into the ground Bear started pointing out all the bugs and grubs in the garden. He thought most were fun to stare at or even touch. Some he ran from and told me I had to move them. But that got me thinking about bugs and plants and how I had just put up a big buffet for them.

I had to find a good way to keep the critters out and the veggies growing. I know pesticides are not an option. This is a veggie garden and this food will be going into my children. So once again I reached out for help for my amazing social network of friends and farmers. And sure enough I got a great idea for a simple natural insecticide soap from a good friend.


All-Natural Insecticide Soap – From Ken S.
The soap in this recipe gets into the skin of the insect, causing dehydration and then extermination. It is particularly helpful for soft-bodied insects.

Mix no more than 1 to 2 tablespoons liquid soap (use a biodegradable, plant-based liquid soap such as Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap affiliate link) and 1 quart water.

Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray pests as needed.

Needless to say Bear was thrilled to help spray the garden, inside and out, the swing set, stairs, car, grass….. Since I had the peppermint soap on hand I really didn’t mind. It made the whole yard smell really nice.

Next we’ll be going over how to care for a garden with your kids. Hopefully this will go as planed.


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