How to workout when you’re just so damn tired.

Ok folks! Let’s admit it. It’s a random weeknight at 8:30pm and you’re still trying to get your kid to go to sleep. The same child that got up at 5:30am asking for a snack and refused to stop even after you said yes and explained that you had to go the bathroom first, with the door open since he really wasn’t getting the point.

The rest of your day might have been a blur of mixed yelling and praise as you tried to keep them entertained by going places and creating projects for them to do. Since you yourself have given up on getting anything done. Now you have your first free moments and according to social media there’s no excuse for you not to go do a crazy workout too! Except there is. You spend about 15 hours straight focused on someone (or ones) else. At 8:30pm at night the only heavy lifting you should be doing to a full glass of wine.

But what then of the fitness part of your life? When do these buff moms get their Swole on? Are you really just lazy?

Hunny you’re about as lazy as worker bee! So let that thought go right now.

It’s not about lazy or fit or wrong or right. It’s about balance. It’s about finding “you” time, even if it in the middle of “them” time. It’s about a mind set that says “I’m worth the investment.”

And believe it or not you can do this. This being adding value into your wellness. And there are a few different ways to that. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up after having two kids and a husband whose schedule changes quicker than the direction of the wind.goruck_hike

1) Sunday’s are for more than meal prep! On Sunday night after the kids are in bed and you’re sure it’s for the night this time, pour a nice glass of wine (or in my case cider) and think about the week ahead. One of my peeves with planners is that there are very few that really focus on multiple schedules. They have meal prep, how much water you drank and then an open schedule. So find a planner that works for you and set your time in stone. I made my own. You can have it for free. I think you’re worth it.

2) If that’s not going to work for you since you might be at the whim of someone else’s random schedule, try incorporating fitness into your daily activities. Have kids that need to be outside? Get a goruck bag like the echo, add in some weight and go for a kid friendly hike. Or walk to the playground and throw a 10lb weight in the carriage. Or you can just use your 30lb toddler for different exercises. Or your 50lb kid.

3) Make you time valued. One of the best things I’ve ever done is hire a part time sitter for my Bears. She comes over two days a week and watches them for a few hours. It might not seem like a profitable expense, but I get so much done in those hours and the kids are with someone who’s totally focused on them. It’s one of the main ways I’ve been able to get a workout in. And occasionally focus on WildPlateWildChild!!

4) Be adaptive. If nothing else having kids has taught me how to never think I’ve got it all planned out. Having back ups is huge to your wellness success. That might mean having a kettle bell in the trunk for weighted squats in the playground parking lot. Hey jump ropes don’t take up a lot of room. If you still have a little one that takes naps use things like Amazon Prime to find on demand videos that you can do at home. Invest in a pair of headphone so you can get pumped up with out waking the baby up.

5) Have a plan for when you get unexpected time. Go to Pinterest and check out my “home work out” board. Holy info graph over load! Print out a simple plan to have at the ready. Leave it on the fridge so you can see it.

6) Invest in yourself. Set up a small area of your house that’s just for fitness. Maybe it’s that extra room or maybe it’s at the foot of your bed. But make it your space that you can leave your gear at. I’ve put together a list of easy at home equipment you can buy here.

But above all else breathe. You are so much more than your size.


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