DIY: Solar Lamp

With summer right around the corner that days of hanging outside a bit later are upon us. We’re fortunate enough to have a nice yard to play in. But we lack any sort of outside lighting. And with no outdoor outlets, what’s a mom to do? Enter the Solar yard lamp. Easy enough to install, rechargeable and pretty low cost. As I was picking some up and saw some mason jars and thought of a fun summer craft. 


The shopping list is simple:
Solar yard lamps like these
Pint Mason Jars like these
Cotton Twin
Tape (I used washifor fun)
Glass Gems  (optional for table top version)


Remove the bottom of the lamp. Then just tape the solar lamp into the top ring on the mason jar. Use the glue to secure the lamp into place. This might take up to 36 hours to completely dry. Trust me it’s worth the wait.


If you are going to make hanging lantern, figure out how you are going to secure the string first. I honestly have no idea how to tell you what I did. I hope you know a boy or girl scout. Or you can just make a table top version. For the table top version add some glass gems into the jar so they have a bit of weight to them and will not tip over easily outdoors.

solar final

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