5 ways to help your child with growing pains.

We have a random tall gene in our family. Every now and then we get a really tall family member. My sister is one such lucky person. Me not so much. I’m about 5’5″. Hubs is a little taller “my size” I say. The bears are looking like they might have both gotten the tall gene. Bear is about the size of a 5/6 year old at 4. Little bear is the average of a 2 year old at 17 months. They are my Tiny Titans. So I wasn’t surprised when one night Bear woke up to tell me his legs hurt. He’s grown about 2 inches in about 5 months. I’ve been thinking about different ways to help him out. I’ve come up with my top 5 ways to help with growing pains.


1) Naps: There’s a lot of growing going on in that little body. They are going to need a recovery. Some times I “make” Bear take a nap. Maybe I take the long way home in the car. Maybe I put his favorite movie on with a snuggly blanket. But I make sure they have some quite down time for their body to rest.

2) Massage or Compress: I’m lucky to have a background in massage. I’ve learned how to improve circulation and stretch people with aches and pains. For kids you do need to be aware of pressure and limitations. Use gentle pressure and always move towards the heart to help improve blood flow. I found a great book to help you learn a bit more called A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children. If you’re not comfortable with massage then make a nice warm compress for their little joint. But remember to never leave the heat compress on for longer than 15 min for little ones. And always keep the heat compress on top never underneath.

3) Active play: Let them climb! The point of play is to develop your body and muscles. As your little one is growing their bodies are changing almost daily. So let them use those slightly longer limbs. They need to learn their new limits. They need their bodies to develop and gain strength to help secure their new joints. Strong muscles that support strong bones make strong kids.

4) Epsom Salt Baths: At the end of the day we’ve found it super important to have a schedule to help the Bears wind down. Recently we’ve been adding in about 1/2 a cup of Epsom salt to Bears bath. Epsom salt has been shown to help reduce muscle pains and soreness. It also adds in some minerals that might be missing from their diet. With kids it super important to remember that if swallowed, Epsom salt can have laxative effects. Do not let them swallow the tub water. Always stay with your little one when they are in the tub.

Easy Detox Bath Adapted From The Paleo Mom:
Materials Needed: 

5) Yoga:  Perfect for after a super busy day or to start your day with. We’ve found that Bear loves down dog and tree pose. Yoga helps in so many ways. Stretching those muscle and improving circulation plus adding in a little calm time, total win. I’ve found it works best when we put on a video that we can all follow along with together. Bear gets some good easy exercise and some mommy and me time. Here’s his (I don’t like it at all but that’s not important) current favorite. And it’s free if you have Prime on Amazon. We’ve also used Cosmic Kids and enjoyed her program as well (she has a Star Wars episode!)

Bonus Tip: Let them eat. I can not tell you how often I hear “I’m hungry” these days. Leave some easy to grab snacks in the fridge. Make them as healthy as you can. Follow me on Instagram to see some ideas of what these maniacs consume. Make sure to check out my post on What to Feed a Really Really Really Really Hungry Child or  ESP: Emergency Snack Plan for more ideas.

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