DIY: Solar Lamp

With summer right around the corner that days of hanging outside a bit later are upon us. We’re fortunate enough to have a nice yard to play in. But we lack any sort of outside lighting. And with no outdoor outlets, what’s a mom to do? Enter the Solar yard lamp. Easy enough to install, rechargeable and pretty low cost. As I was picking some up and saw some mason jars and thought of a fun summer craft.  Continue reading


5 ways to help your child with growing pains.

We have a random tall gene in our family. Every now and then we get a really tall family member. My sister is one such lucky person. Me not so much. I’m about 5’5″. Hubs is a little taller “my size” I say. The bears are looking like they might have both gotten the tall gene. Bear is about the size of a 5/6 year old at 4. Little bear is the average of a 2 year old at 17 months. They are my Tiny Titans. So I wasn’t surprised when one night Bear woke up to tell me his legs hurt. He’s grown about 2 inches in about 5 months. I’ve been thinking about different ways to help him out. I’ve come up with my top 5 ways to help with growing pains. Continue reading

Farmers Markets: When to buy what

This is where you can really get some great insight into what it takes to make good, real food. You can also get a bit confused with all that’s going on. When I went to my first farmers market is was totally overwhelmed. I had no idea what to do. I think I grabbed a few carrots and ran back to my car. It wasn’t until a few seasons later I realized I could actually talk to the people handing me the carrots. I could ask them questions and they would gladly answer them. In fact most farmers relish the chance to talk about their work. And why not?! It’s a pretty sweet gig.

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Recipe: Sauteed Bok Choy with Garlic and Scallions

FOOOOOOODDDDD! I love to eat almost as much as  I love to cook. I giggle when I think about how I grew up vs how I am now. My mom is an amazing mom, but not very involved in the whole cooking side of life. I remember we ate chicken for dinner for a year straight once. She taught us how to make a mean reservation. But, truth be told, if you needed a cookie or cake, look out Betty, Marg was going to out shine you! She still can whip up anything that requires 12 egg yolks and 3 cups of sugar at a moments notice. Soooooo good.

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Parents Who are Rocking It! Rosie Research

I want to take a minute to introduce you all to an amazing woman and mom! Dr. Erica is a good friend of mine. We meet in the CrossFit world and instantly became friends. She has a passion for inspiring her two daughters to not only be themselves but to be confident it themselves as well. It’s truly an amazing thing. She has recently launched Rosie Research. It’s a STEM based program the inspired kids to learn more about science and technology. By having fun!! Who knew?!? I could gush about Erica all day but I’ll let her take it from here!

Bread Winners vs. Bread Makers: The Mommy Throw Down Epidemic

I love the internet, most days. I spend too much time on Pinterest and Facebook. I get caught up on the news, read business email, talk to the hubs. But it seems like more and more people are starting to argue about parenting. I read two articles this week that I thought were both insightful about raising your kids. Both talking about how and what you should be doing with your kids. Both very different approaches. Both written by loving moms. I was happy to read the articles and move on. But I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comment section. To put it bluntly blaming  and name calling abound. People seem to find the fact that we are dealing with people through a screen and not face to face a free pass to say whatever you want. I’m all for free speech, but I also think you should always be civil. (I grew up with a Grammy from England, we had tea and cookies often)

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Pepper Pizza Eggs: Sneaky Veggie Recipe

Inspired by my good friend over at The Tasty Page I was motivated to post a fun recipe of what we do for breakfast from time to time here. We make a lot of eggs. Almost every day. I’m thankful that the bears haven’t caught on that there’s a cereal section in the grocery store. We try to stay away from grain for personal reasons so it tends to limit the breakfast menu when we’re in a rush. But I have found that this simple recipe works any day. And who doesn’t love “pizza”?

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