How to set up an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) station

So spring is finally (checks weather) sort of almost here. But regardless of what the weather man says, OCR (obstacle course race) season is right around the muddy, muddy, muddy corner. You think it’s bad having two boys who can find a puddle in the middle of a desert? Try also having a husband who is known in the OCR community. I swear I should just open up a laundry mat at this point. Now don’t get me wrong! I love that all my boys are active go getter’s. But my floors, couch, kitchen, bedroom and car all think they could tone it down a bit.

So this year to get ahead of the mess I’m setting up an official ORC/muddy day station. That’s right, a place to put all the things that normally end up every where. To be honest I’m actually setting up two. One inside and one outside. But for right now I’m just working on the indoor one. BuildAnOCRStation.jpg

First you will need a structure for the base of your station. We used this number from Ikea that we bought a few years ago in hopes of helping us maintain the crazy. And of course in true Ikea fashion we add a few things. One major thing was the beam for hanging clothes from.

Next was a quick trip to the dollar store to pick up a few bins. Never sure of what I will find I was happy to get a 3 pack of little bins for placing headbands, medals, sunglasses and other number of random freebees that they hand out at these things. Add a few S hooks and boom! Hubs ends up getting a handful of crap swag and likes to keep them. I like counter space. So this works.baskets.png

Next add in a few bins up top for items not used regularly during the season, but you know will be looked for at one point or another. Like the throwing knives for ninja training. I’m never going to have anything nice…….


Next is the major usage items. Compression gear, extra layers, training shirt, gloves, and so on. Think of this as a regular closet set up. But by hanging up the heavily used gear it gets a chance to air out and stays a bit longer. Also Hubs is better at the “right in front” organization method. So it’s all right there for him to use and then put back (hopefully)


On the side we have a few more S hooks for hanging the hydration packs. For some reason we have 3 or 4 of these. It actually comes in handy when we all want to go for a hike. I only hang the smaller ones since more than two will start to get bulky.


Last is the bottom shoe station. If you’ve ever meet a racer you know they have shoeS. Hubs is no exception. He goes through about a pair a year on the conservative side. But when he finds one he likes we can have up to 5 pairs laying around at a time. Since he’s not racing every day I try to get him to keep just the daily sneakers in the front entry. I added a wire mesh bin to keep them in. They will have dirt on them and I’ve found that this way when it falls off it’s less likely to end up on the floor. I’ve also added a rock bin drying station. (still working on a better name) For the wet things that come home with him. If this is your first year in the OCR world there will be LOTS of wet, muddy things. And shirts dear god the shirts!! You get a shirt for everything. At one point we had over a dozen of just Spartan training shirts not even the race ones lol.


For the rock bin drying station I took a plastic bin and drilled holes in the bottom. I then filled it with dollar store rocks. The idea is after sneakers get rinsed off they can be placed in the bin to dry overnight with out having to be left outside.bin.jpg

One other thing we have is a small coat hanger that we’ve put low on the wall for backpacks. It serves as a great place to store the bags hubs uses for longer races or ones that are overnight trips. After not tripping over the bags for a few months I’m happy to say this option works well for us.


So I hope that help you as much as it’s help us. The one thing I know is that if you set up a space for your gear, you’ll be set for a better season. Also always have a trash bag in your car. Some stuff isn’t meant to be brought back after a race.

On a side note if you want some more insight into what gear we use and reviews/info on OCR life check out my hubs site Epic Race Gear.


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