The Garden: Part 1 My set up

I love the first warm day of Spring, I love that I’m feeling it in late February even more. (yes I am  worried about global warming, but it’s soooooooo nice out) So once it hits 5o degrees for the first time in the year I’m in full on gardening mode! Like I’ve been to Lowe’s twice and the local garden center twice and Target, well I go there almost everyday anyway. I’m very excited since this year I’m going all out. A good friend of mine hooked me up with an amazing craigslist ad by someone giving away pine boxes. TONS of them, take as many as you can carry they said. And we did…. I suggest checking the free section from time to time during the garden season. You might not find anything to use in time for this season but you might hit it big for next year.


It just screams “GARDEN”


And there are more in my basement!!

I was so excited to get these that I couldn’t help myself. I jumped online and started to layout my grand design for our garden.

File_000 (3)

Tomatoes are not to scale.

Nothing overly crazy. Just the veggies we eat on a regular basis. This wasn’t the final design. In fact I’m still working on it. I found some pots and planters from last year that I will be incorporating into the layout. Want a fun thrifty trick? Go to a big hardware store and go to the garden section. If you can find them, they sometimes have extra plastic bins that you can have for free. Hey starting a garden can be expensive so save where you can, right? Take the time to really think about what you want to grow. Maybe check your last grocery receipt. What are the top 3-5 produce items that you buy? How much space do they require to grow? You can use sites like They have a decent database of common veggies and give you a better idea of the space you might need. I’ve tried some other sites and this one seems the best for people who might not know where to start. They give you better insight into when to start planting and if you should start your plants indoors or just plant them in the ground after the last frost. Plus if you sign up you can save your design and use it next year



SO excited!!

But as I get everything set up and start to place the final pieces I need to take into account some very important things. My fence needs to be secure and reliable. Two reasons for this. One we have a lot of wild bunnies in our area and two our backyard neighbors have chickens (jealous!) So I need to make sure the wild, and not so wild animals in the area can’t get in. Simple enough, I need to make sure I bury the fence under the ground a little or have it extend out. That way when little paws or claws come by they won’t be able to dig their way down and under.

Speaking of dirt. It can be expensive to fill in these big boxes. I was told by another good friend that I can go to the local transfer station and they have free dirt. Another good friend (I have some amazing friends by the way) suggested I take care and make sure the dirt isn’t full of weeds or other debris. Or to even add in some rocks at the bottom for drainage. So my thought was to fill the boxes half way with free dirt after I screen it and some gravel on the bottom and the add in some good quality top soil. Either way I’m pretty sure I’ll need to take my car to get detailed after this project!

Next time is the prep work for the plants.


Bear told me he wanted a plant too! Proud Mom right here!!




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