How to set up an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) station

So spring is finally (checks weather) sort of almost here. But regardless of what the weather man says, OCR (obstacle course race) season is right around the muddy, muddy, muddy corner. You think it’s bad having two boys who can find a puddle in the middle of a desert? Try also having a husband who is known in the OCR community. I swear I should just open up a laundry mat at this point. Now don’t get me wrong! I love that all my boys are active go getter’s. But my floors, couch, kitchen, bedroom and car all think they could tone it down a bit.

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How to store your extra seeds

Oh how I love the spring. In case you’ve missed it, I’m totally doing a garden this year. Our first big one in a bit. So to say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. I also might have jumped the gun and started my seeds early. Like I have a cucumber plant growing on you kitchen table.

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Yes, I’m THAT mom. 

Let’s get one thing clear. This is not a judgment piece. This is not a “I do it right, you do it wrong” article. This me talking about how I raise me kids. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I still love you.

My mom raised 4 girls. Her favorite thing to say to me and my sister (we only have boys) is “Oh you girls would never do that!”

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The Garden: Part 1 My set up

I love the first warm day of Spring, I love that I’m feeling it in late February even more. (yes I am  worried about global warming, but it’s soooooooo nice out) So once it hits 5o degrees for the first time in the year I’m in full on gardening mode! Like I’ve been to Lowe’s twice and the local garden center twice and Target, well I go there almost everyday anyway. I’m very excited since this year I’m going all out. A good friend of mine hooked me up with an amazing craigslist ad by someone giving away pine boxes. TONS of them, take as many as you can carry they said. And we did…. I suggest checking the free section from time to time during the garden season. You might not find anything to use in time for this season but you might hit it big for next year. Continue reading