How to build an epic blanket fort.

It’s finally snowing here! And Bear has his first snow day. Totally time for a blanket fort.

As a mom of two crazy boys it’s imperative that I know how to build a fort at moments notice. You never know when your house might be too organized. If you’ve never had the pleasure of building a fort as your child is trying to use it let me give you a few tips:

1) Don’t have a plan. I mean it. If you think it will go the way you invision, you will be working at it forever. Building inspectors will not be checking in. And the kids will destroy it at some point no matter how much you sucure the walls/roof/floor

2) Have coffee at the ready. These things tend to happen in the morning and keep happening through out the day. Brew a nice strong pot and get ready to be asked “can you fix it?” A lot.

3) Gather your materials. Blankets of course and sheets. But also pillows for a floor, big boxes if you have some for secret rooms, and maybe a table for an etrance, an old gate on its side works great for a wall against a wall.

4) Plan your spot. Picking a spot can be hard. I know my Bears will be interested then go on to something else then come back. So I picked the space between our couch and the wall. We have a radiator that I use to draw the blanket over. Keeping in mind that the heat might come on, I block of the back part of the fort so the kids can’t touch it. I tuck the blankets into the couch and let the kids run wild.

It might not last long but it’s lasted long enough for me to write this post 😉

Are you building a fort? Post a pic and help inspire a fellow parent!


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