Honest Review: LeapTV

For Christmas “Santa” brought us a LeapTV (affiliate link). It was a huge debate among the elves about if we they should get this. Bear had been showing interest in Hubs gaming habits. We have a small apartment so we pretty much know what’s going on most of the time. Not many doors. And since he wanted to pay games “like Daddy” we thought he might be ready for his own system. Now before I get too deep into this, we’re a geeky, nerdy family. We always have been and always will be. From Firefly to Fallout we geek out with our Tardis out. So I knew at some point our little ones would want to join in. But I’m not quite ready for him to join in Daddy’s raid parties. Or have him sitting for long periods of time zoning out at a screen. So we did some research on different gaming systems out there.

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The Secret Bed: How we got our kid to stop sleeping in our bed (most of the time)

I remember it well, the days when I thought a queen size bed would be big enough for all my needs. Then we had kids. And that idea flew out the window, like my restful nights. Now I’m not saying we have bad sleepers. I have few friends who are much more reliant of caffeine than me. But every few months Big Bear has a stretch of bad nights. Once for about 6 weeks he was up from 12-5a.m. just to talk. That was fun and insightful. Hubs and I laughed at each other a lot….. but replace laughed with cried or yelled. (I hope my kids read this one day and then go buy my a spa, not a day, a spa) Continue reading

How to keep busy inside.

We all know play is important. But in New England it’s not always easy to get out. Like right now. There’s a snow storm rolling in and I think it’s around -not going to get them dressed to be outside for 5 min degrees. So over there past year or so I’ve gathered a few things I consider to be staples for indoor play. Continue reading

How to build an epic blanket fort.

It’s finally snowing here! And Bear has his first snow day. Totally time for a blanket fort.

As a mom of two crazy boys it’s imperative that I know how to build a fort at moments notice. You never know when your house might be too organized. If you’ve never had the pleasure of building a fort as your child is trying to use it let me give you a few tips: Continue reading

ESP: Emergency Snack Plan

I’m sure most of you know by now that I have a husband who thinks mud runs are a fun warm up and two crazy, awesome, young boys that I’m trying to raise into decent human beings. So far I think it’s working. Bear says thank you and please (sometimes) Little Bear only sits on his brothers head if I’m not looking. They laugh a lot and play even more. But, and again most of you know, they eat! Little Bear is pretty much a bottomless pit. He eats from the moment he wakes up until bed time. It’s actually kind of cute. That is until we have to get the oil changed and are stuck in the car or we’re out and about and he’s pretty adamant about it being snack time. Continue reading