The Pantry Series Part 3: Organizing Your Pantry

So if you’ve stuck with me this far, congrats! It’s now time for a little fun in this process. Organizing your pantry. This is where your personality can shine through. Are you as obsessed with labels and symmetry as I am? Or do you just want to know what you have and how much?

Either way we’ll look at a few different options.

Type 1 Organizer: You know who you are. Everything has a place and a label and matches and you know exactly how much of what you have. Congrats. You probably already have the pantry of my dreams 😉

You have your custom labels with matching containers. You might even have a print out to keep track of your inventory. Please post pics to help inspire the rest of us!

Type Busy: You know you have stuff and it’s all in one place. You don’t have time to print out labels and find the perfect storage situation. But what you have works. Maybe this looks familiar…


Spices are on the bottom. Most of what you use in a normal time frame is in the middle. Good lord, who knows what’s on the top cause you can’t reach it anyway. I think those are toothpicks up there?

Well Busy you’re doing ok. But maybe take a moment and clear up this crazy with some organization. Here’s a rough guideline to follow. If it’s in the back move it up a rack. Once somethings gets to the tops shelf decide if you really need it of if you can part ways with the half open bag of flour from,…. christmas, last year? Group things you use together. Got pasta? Put the pasta sauce next to it. Put all you spices on the same shelf. In order of hight. Have snacks in weird shaped bags? Find a storage solution for them that makes it easy to place in a cabinet. Dollar store has a few small containers that work great! Then in no time at all you will have a working cabinet/pantry.


Please note there is nothing behind anything on the top shelf. My head reached the bottom on the middle shelf. For me that space becomes no mans land. So nothing fancy just a little more organized. Notice all the snack bars got their own spot, larger things got moved to the back and all the spices got grouped together. This is my actual cabinet. These are the things I use daily in my cooking.

I have a pantry in the back hallway too. I use this space for bulk items, overflow and veggie storage. IMG_4531

Lots of glass jars labeled with things bought in bulk, extra boxed item that can’t fit in the cabinet and rarely used items. Also I store root veggies here since it stays cold out there in the winter and relatively cool in the summer.


I use a wire rack for this set up and “S” hook to hang things like onion bags and garlic. All the things I don’t want the bears to get into are on top and empty containers are on the bottom. I have a few glass jars with chalkboard labels that I can fill with different things as I need them. (yes that’s sugar, I made a bunch of sugar scrubs 😉 ) I picked up a few baskets from Michaels during a crazy sale for the veggies. During CSA season it’s much more colorful!

My back hall way is tiny so I’m not able to get a good pic of the whole set up. ::sad face::

I feel I land in between Type 1 and Type Busy. When a lazy Sunday swings by I find myself tiding up the back hallway and throwing some stuff out from the cabinet. The pantry should not loom over you like the laundry or the dishes. It should be there to help you. With a little up front investment and a simple schedule, you should be able to maintain your pantry with ease.

There is one more type out there. Type Take Out. If you are a Type Take Out go back to part one of this series and get cookin’!!

One last thing. Here are a few things to help you if you want to make the jump from Type Busy to Type 1:




This one comes in real handy when all the schedules start getting busy or it’s really cold and I don’t want to go into the back hallway, hehe 🙂


So that’s the end of this series. I hope it helps and you feel like you can go set up a healthier life 🙂 Leave your comments/questions and of course pics of your pantry! Be well!


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