The Pantry Series Part 2: The Kitchen Clean Out

This one will be sort of short. But it’s one of the most important steps. The kitchen clean out. When was the last time you really went through your kitchen/pantry and removed all the food/products/half open bags of marshmallows? It can be therapeutic to say the lest.


My very adventurous nephew “helping” his mom.

A kitchen clean out is essential to a healthier life style. Let’s look at this Halloween example. You never have candy in your house. Then BAM October hits and there are mini wrappers everywhere. You didn’t mean to eat all the Twixs, or snickers. But they were just there, and well, you know… You were hungry. Trust me been there done that. We get 3 trick or treaters at Halloween. But I still bought the big bag. “Just in case” Then I ate the big bag. And felt horrible.

Simple truth, if it’s not there you won’t eat it. It’s easier to say I guess I’m just board then it is to pack up two kids to go get a candy bar. BUT if you have a stash of chocolate chips in the back of the cabinet, well you might find yourself reaching back there after a stressful day. Like when you realize you made a small monster by letting your 4 year old use computer games and now he won’t stop asking for them as you are typing a blog post…………

Anyway, Kitchen Clean Out Step by Step:

Step 1: Plan. You’ll need to find a good time to do this. Don’t rush it and make sure you have enough time to finish in one day. Sundays seem to be ideal because most people go food shopping then.

Step 2: Set Up. You know you will be removing things. Take the time to step a station for the different things that might be going and what you plan to do with them. I suggest 3 piles “Toss” “Donate” “Keep”

Step 3: Clean. You might be surprised how much a bag of sugar can spill. Or that honey that’s been sitting there for a bit too long might not budge on the first tug. Remove everything then clean.

Step 4: Write it down. Once everything is removed and the space is cleaned take some time to think about what you want to put in there. This is the fun part. If you are like me you might want to invest in some nice matching storage items. If it looks neat it’s easier to keep it neat. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Glass jars with matching labels are all the rage in Pinterest! Make a list of the items you will store in your pantry and plan out what you will need to store them. Then go get it. Right now. Take the “Toss” box and toss it. Take the “Donate” box and drop it off at the food pantry and head on over to Target, Michaels, the Dollar Store and get organized.

Step 5: Restock. Now here’s the hard part. The pantry is empty. The cabinets are bare. Look back at the previous post about “What you keep in your pantry.” Download the print out and really decide what would work best to help you meet your goals. Write out a list for yourself and choose the best things for you. Then go get them. If you feel lost find a nutritionist to talk to. Tell them your goals and let them help you set a plan.

If some of this seems overwhelming, that’s ok. Change is hard. And a lifestyle change can been one of the hardest ones out there. But there are some many options out there to help you. So here are a few cheats for you to make it easier.

Amazon. It’s your friend. Don’t want/ can’t get out to get the storage for your new pantry? No worries. Here a link to a system that might work for you. (affiliate link.) side note: You do not need any of this stuff. You can absolutely store everything in their original packages! I personally like when things look like they belong in better homes and gardens.

Thrive. Another friend. No time to get out to the grocery store? Check out Thrive Market. (affiliate link) You can order online and have it shipped to your house. They will even set up monthly orders for you. Pretty handy if you are running around a lot.

So I hope this helps you feel ready to take on the next step of you health journey. Let me know how it goes! Better yet post a pic of your new pantry!


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