Planner for every month

I made a quick blank planner today. I’m obsessed with them. So I’m just sharing my unhealthy obsession with you for the new year 😉 Continue reading


Make your own Probiotic Deodorant and smell nice too!

This morning as I was being told by big Bear that I was taking to long in the shower (he’s 4 and I was in there for 15min) I realized I was out of my fav deodorant. Toms of Maine. Love that brand. They really work hard to put out good products that are really good for you. Continue reading

Resolutions vs. Commitments

It’s almost January!! Let’s make a bunch of random promises to ourselves that we’re not going to keep! That’s what I thought every January. I would start out with a random plan that didn’t reflect my goals. “I’m going to start a diet.” “I’m going to craft more.” I would make “deals” with myself. “I can have this cake if I don’t eat anything else bad today.” It was a train wreck from January till about March when it had all fallen apart anyway. Continue reading

Charcoal Soap: Playing with dirt is good for you.

So I love to make soap. Always have, since my first little do it yourself kit from Michaels. Not the best base by the way. I love making fun looking soap. My fav has been the coffee latte bar I made forever ago!

So during the holidays I like to pick up the old soap mold and concoct something fun for those around me. I rummaged through the collection of fun things I have gathered over the past few months and came up with this: Continue reading