How to get your kid to eat their vegetables. With or without them knowing

A few months ago I signed up to do a Meal Train for friend who had just gone through surgery and had two young ones. Helping AND cooking!?! Count me in for any Meal Train!!
(BTW look out for my chicken soup recipe coming soon!)

Anyway, I decided to make stuffed peppers. They are fun and different and supper easy to reheat. Plus one pan reheat for the win! I made one for each member of the family and even enough to feed my family.  I’m nice like that. I got a lovely Facebook message from my friend asking me for the recipe since her kids liked them (woohooo!) I listed out the ingredients and told her it was sort of a throw it in and cook it thing so adjust as needed. She wrote back “You got my kids to eat eggplant!! Impressive!!”

I try, I really do 🙂

I try to get as much veggies into my kids as humanly possible. Sometimes Bear just stares at me. Silently saying “enough mom. enough…” But still I try, against all hope, I try. Or I lie. Well not lie, but not tell him the whole truth about dinner. Or breakfast. Snacks. “treats”. You get it.

So how do you sneak in a few bites of spinach when your little lovely angel has already thrown out any idea of it along with the plate of food in front of them?

One way is to just not tell them. Honestly if your kid is a eat than ask kind. Just try putting it on their plate and seeing if they even notice. Don’t make a huge deal about it.  Chicken finger lover? Throw some peppers next to them. Hunger fingers wonder. Keep it simple. One or two options on the plate at a time.

Try mix it in with their favorite food. Big mac and cheese eater? Boil up some parsnips and blend them in. Crazy I know but it might just work. We add spinach into our scrambled eggs all the time.

Sneak attack!

Sneak attack!

Chop it up and them them to find different colors to eat!

Chop it up and them them to find different colors to eat!

Play it up! Make it fun, try to avoid the stress of making sure they meet their daily dose of vitamin abcdefghijklmonp…. Slice up some peppers and called them super power peppers!! All the super heroes are eating them 😉 Try making a funny face out of health snacks.

Mr. Healthy Face (I used all my creativity just to make this. None left for a good name, sorry ;)

Mr. Healthy Face (I used all my creativity just to make this. None left for a good name, sorry 😉

You’ll be surprised how they will change their attitude towards food if you can adjust yours. I try to make it a point to show Bear I’m eating my veggies. He seems to take note, most of the time. 😉

Keep in mind it won’t always go as planed, but at least you went in with a plan 😀 Go be awesome!


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