Welch’s Refreshingly Simple

Full discloser: I was sent this product free of charge to review from BzzAgent #GotItFree

Yum. He's a fan. But am I?

Yum. He’s a fan. But am I?

So the other day I got a full bottle of Welch’s Refreshingly Simple. I was excited to try it since it was the first thing I’ve ever been asked to review. Bear helped me open the package and was just as excited. For a different reason though. We don’t really do juice in our house. We drink a lot of water and in the winter add in a little O.J.. So to say I’m picky is a bit of an understatement. I found one juice I like, Wegman’s Organic Berry Juice. Here are the nutritional fact on that one.

So back the Welch’s. I like the packaging. It has the sort of farm stand feel:



The nutrition content was next on my list:

Always read the fine print!

Always read the fine print!

I was a bit disappointed about the first two ingredients, but figured at least they were being honest and not hiding it with other weird names. And it’s juice not water. Not something we would have everyday. With 24g of sugar in 8oz we water it down for Bear. Bonus point for being able to read and pronounce all the ingredients!

Finally the taste:

It was true too!

It was true too!

Hub and I joined in with Bear to share a glass after school. We all liked it! It tastes just like what you think Strawberries and Raspberries would taste like. No weird sugar tooth feeling (you know when you feel like your teeth might fall out cause it was tooooo sweet). I was really happy with the taste and even treated myself to a glass at dinner.

Overall I would buy this again if I had a party with a lot of kids in the early afternoon. I might buy it for the home again and save it for when Bear wants a little treat. But again due to the sugar content I would recommend watering it down for younger kids.

Pros: Good taste
Cons: High Sugar


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