Chicken soup: how to prep for the cold and flu season

I love the winter. I’m a New England gal through and through. Except I don’t watch football and I don’t drink DnD. So maybe not a “true” New Englander. But still, give me a good snow fall and nice blanket and I happy. Until to cold and flu season sets in. Then I’m pretty much running around my house with a Clorox wipe in one hand and a tissue on the other. (The tissue normally isn’t for me) So right before the germs creep into every crevice of my children’s being and all over my house, I like to make a huge pot of my “Kick the Cold Chicken Soup”. It’s like normal chicken soup, but better! How so? I add a few out of the norm ingredients. Continue reading


How to get your kid to eat their vegetables. With or without them knowing

A few months ago I signed up to do a Meal Train for friend who had just gone through surgery and had two young ones. Helping AND cooking!?! Count me in for any Meal Train!!
(BTW look out for my chicken soup recipe coming soon!) Continue reading

How do I make my kid eat healthy food?

Such a trusting look. Not suspicious at all....

Such a trusting look. Not suspicious at all….

“How do I make my kid eat healthy food?” I get asked that a lot these days. My two little guys (3 and 1) love to eat. I’m really lucky that they are willing to try new things. Well everything is new to Little Bear. Big Bear (not their real names by the way) can get a little more picky at times. But I like to think I got it figured out when it comes to my kids and how to get them to mostly clear their plates. I’m going to share with you my top 5 tip and tricks. Keep in mind these are just things that work for my kids. You’re kids might be a bit different and need a few adjustments. Be patient and try things a few times. Which takes us to tip number one… Continue reading