My flight plan: How to pack food for a long trip on a plane.

This past week I was on what can only be called a very lively plane ride to Utah. Turbulence was an understatement. Hubs was holding it together by playing Fallout Shelter and I “listened” to how proteins are digested. Holy crap was I happy to get to Utah. ::breathe::
We haven’t traveled in a long time so I wanted to make sure this trip was a good one. Thinking back on past trips, I saw a common theme. “Hangry traveling”. It can bring down the strongest of worldly travelers. I know I can be a pain when hungry and hubs can shut down if not fueled properly. So I put more thought into our on flight snacks then I did to what we packed for clothes. I know I packed enough underwear so I’m good.

really excited to get hungry now!!

Here’s the break down of what I packed. Most things are doubled since there are two of us.

Wild Planet tuna
Krave beef jerky
Prosciutto (yup)
Clif Bar
Justin’s almond butter
Starbucks Via coffee
Seaweed Snack
Banana Chips
Chocolate Covered Almonds
Mamma Chia Squeeze

Seems like a lot but it is a long trip. Two parts. The flights where 4 hours then 1 1/2. Then for good measure we’re driving 4 hours. Sweet lord who was our trip planner? Oh yeah, yours truly. I had some fears about getting through security with the food. Was it packed right? Did I get the right sizes? Would I be that weird person they pulled aside to ask what I was thinking? But none of that happened. I packed everything unopened in an insulated bag and it all went through without issue! Everything listed above was fine for airplane travel! Hubs likes to eats every hour. So is super handy to have everything packed in one bag that fit into another bag. We just unpacked the snack bag once we got into our seats.

round 1

round 2

Why pack all this when there’s Burger King at every gate and tiny little bag of chips in flight? Because there’s Burger King at every gate. Well not Burger King but some sort of over processed food option that really wouldn’t make the trip that much better. By packing high protein snacks and some sweet treats we will feel better being stuck in the sardine can that is this plane.

all the space you could ever want. unless you wanted space…

We got the through the flights with the help of the jerky, cliff bars, and chia squeeze. We decided to live it up and got drinks at our layover. Thankfully I can seem to find cider in most places now! And the second leg wasn’t that bad so we had extra food for the long trip to Zion.

this is a real thing!?!

We got into the park area around 10pm. After everything had closed, so we were lucky to find an opening at a camp ground right at the gate. Hubs made sure we traveled in style and rented a Jeep Rubicon for the trip! It was so fun to check out the stars by lying on top of the Jeep. Sleeping inside of it was a bit different. Still fun. But I was happy to have a nice hotel waiting for us later.

i’m in love with both things in this photo…

The stars where amazing! And so was how hungry we were when we woke up! We did make a small detour to get water the day before. Since we stopped I figured I would get hard boiled eggs, cheese and bread for the morning. We had the Starbucks Via coffee. We added in the  prosciutto and man it was a great morning!

it aint fancy, but damn it was good!

Driving through Zion was humbling. It’s the only word I can think of. That and exhausting. Great to walk, but hubs isn’t made for walking..

like a kid in a candy store.

Once we were done hiking through, we figured it was time to move on the Bryce Canyon. But first we needed to refuel. So we broke out the tuna. Yup almost two days later and it was fine! Took a small chunk and wrapped it in the sea weed and we had a great easy lunch. Only down side was we left the chocolate almonds in the car and they totally melted.

i had to be quick, they went fast!

Then when we got back on the road for a few more hours we broke out the banana chips and almond butter! Just the right amount of sugar for a pick me up!

always have a professional assemble the snack if you are driving.

By the time we had finished at Bryce it was dinner time and we had eaten all the food we had brought. So we had to stop for a burger. It did not live up to my expectations. But it did tide me over until we got to our hotel and could get to whole foods to restock.

sad little burger hidden under a huge “onion” ring

And for those of you keeping track, the olives didn’t make it. I should have put them in the insulated pouch. But all in all I think we did ok and I would recommend you try it yourself. You can buy most of the stuff at target or online at (referral link). If you do try this fun idea post your experience in the comments!


The end

Bonus: you can download the template I used to plan our meals here

TravelShoppingListforTarget (1)

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