Portion Sizes: Got enough on your plate?

(Full disclaimer here, I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t play one on TV. I just spend a lot of time dealing with people who want to get healthier and I have a lot of personal experience with food. A lot! Always check with a trained, registered professional before changing your diet.)

I get asked a lot about how much people should be eating. It’s a really hard question to answer in a few short minutes. It’s a personal in depth, quest seeking sort of question. One that leads to more questions before you find the answer. So if you ever find yourself asking “How much should I be eating?” Stop and ask yourself “What are my goals for eating?” Do you want to gain weight or lose it? Are you in training mode or off season? Do you have restrictions with food or are you good to go? Too many questions to be searching the internet for personal answers. I always tell people right off the bat, go to a nutritionist! Doctors can help. But most doctors never receive any real training when it comes to food. BTW that’s just crazy to me. Continue reading