Mamaste – How to find time for yourself as a mother

I jumped out of bed this morning. Ran right past the glass jar of yogurt raisins that were blocking my clock so I couldn’t see that I had over slept. Hubby was blissfully making breakfast for everyone after feeding Little Bear. Unaware of the tornado that was his wife about to come streaking through the kitchen (it was a hot night, temperature wise) He was trying to let me sleep in that jerk! Seriously though he’s awesome. But really why the hell were there yogurt raisins in front of my clock? I vaguely remember a little face handing them to me talking about being hungry.

How do normal people do this? How do you keep yourself on track and manage the house and kids and occasionally the husband too?

As I was in shower I was reminded of “Mamaste” it’s how Big Bear says Namaste. It’s come to serve as a reminder that this mama needs to stay in the moment a bit more. Yes I was late for my day, yes the computer wasn’t working, yes I wasn’t going to get my lunch packed. But I was going to give kisses and try to let my husband know I’m not too crazy.

I’ve tried so many different ways to stay on top of my schedule. I’ve tried my phone. Just doesn’t work for me. I’ve done the computer calendar. Again not my thing. Then I jumped into the world of personal planners. Fun little time sucks those are. I finally got one down to how I like it, sort of. Still needs some work. I like having my monthly calendar in front. But that doesn’t keep me in the now. That’s my big picture. I enjoy the weekly breakdowns. And colors! Everyone gets one. Even the business. On my last one I realized my color was on there once for two hours of work time on one day. Well that was sad. I make this damn schedule this whole thing should be my color! Ok maybe not the whole thing, but at least more than once.

So how do you find your Mamaste (or Dadaste)? This is my plan. I suggest finding something that is yours. Just yours for you. I have an amazing friend who lives a life similar to mine. She takes two hours once a week to do whatever she wants. And no that’s not selfish or needy. It’s needed! It’s critical! We were not born to be anything other than who we are. I’m a mother, wife, business owner. But I’m also creative and love learning. I also get stressed. So yoga is my thing. Love getting on a good stretch and not thinking about the dishes or when the quarterly taxes are due. That’s my time damn it!

Let it be know! What good is it to say you will find the time if you never do. My husband has the most unpredictable schedule. He gets new clients that want different times every month. There are races on the weekends, sometimes. There are 2-3 day certs that need to be attended. There are new classes to teach. So how do I figure out my time schedule when I’m dealing with the unknown? After all we have the Bears. First I had to realize my time is just as important. Yes there are things that need to be done, but asking for your time is just as important giving someone else theirs. And if you don’t tell someone you need the time, well love, you can’t be upset when they act like they don’t know. Cause they don’t. I’m vary fortunate to have a great support system. Grammy and Grampy love see the Bears.

So you’ve found your thing, you’ve found your time. Now what? DO IT! Say to yourself “I’m making myself better to make those around me better.” It’s the absolute truth. I’m a better person when I let myself be myself. Sometimes by myself 😉

personal time planner

personal time planner

Use this handy simple weekly planner to hash it out and then live it 😀

You deserve to be happy and the best way to be that is to be you!

Download you mamaste planner here


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