What to feed a really, really, really, really hungry child

“Mommy, I’m really really really really hungry, again!” I should just make him a t-shirt at this point. Big bear is growing. I think about 2 inches this year so far. It’s got to hurt, but he’s a great little trooper and only asks for food. All the time. So much so that I had to set up a snack bin in our fridge for him. Sometimes I’m pre-occupied with Little bear to get him something right then. And lord forbid he has to wait for food. Other things I can get him to understand it might not be time yet. But food, not so much.

So we let him pick out a plastic basket from the dollar store and we picked out the snacks. Swear that kid would live on yogurt raisins and fig bars if I let him. And I’ve been tempted. But alas I know better. Too much sugar is just going to lead to crazy times and silly fits. So what do you feed a really really really really hungry child. How do you keep them engaged in food with out just opening a box of whatever-that-really-is and hoping they find their was to the veggies at some point?

First trick I think we all know is fruit. It’s natures candy. No really it’s candy from nature. Think of it like that cause it is. I love fruit and it’s a thousand times better then say a candy bar. But you really don’t need a lot of it. Think of it as a treat. We try to buy what’s in season for a few reasons. One, it’s cheaper! Yay saving money! Two, when you buy in season (and hopefully local) you are getting a better product that is richer is flavor and nutrients.

After that I was getting lost. Popcorn is ok right? And maybe pretzels. And maybe pita chips. Wait… Those are all just the same thing in different shapes!! (read the ingredients you’ll see I’m right or crazy) Ok ok ok, step back, breath, find your zen. There are too many choices of the same thing out there right now.

Try to bring it back to the old school way. Ask yourself, is it real food (not going to touch the GMO issue) or was it man made to be mass produced? Is there added sugar or other ingredients you can’t pronounce in it? Step away from the box, lady (or dude)! If you don’t know what it is, why would you put it in your kids? Personally I don’t trust big food companies, they are out to make a profit (as all business are) so they don’t care so much about your kids waist line as they do about their bottom line. (I’m so cleaver)

I celebrate the rainbow. All forms of it. Especially food. Our snack bin is nothing if not colorful. We start with the veggies and then work on the fruits then the grains.  So lets talk about what could work for you and your hungry clan.

The rainbow effect: I like I said color is key. I feel the more colorful your eating habits the better off you tend to be. BTW peeps, kids are sponges. If you want them to eat veggies you better too!

To break it down –
Red- Peppers! Strawberries, Apples, Beets (dehydrated into chips!)
Orange – Peppers! Oranges, Carrots, Pears
Yellow – Peppers! (see a tend yet 😉 ) Cheese sticks
Green – Pepp.. oh you get it, Green Apples, Celery with nut butter, Cucumbers with hummus, Sugar Snap Peas, Grapes
Blue – Blueberries, Figs, Raisins, Olives (I know they are black)

Veggies are in bold incase you didn’t see that. And there is something in bold in every color. Woho! You can do this!!


Try different things a couple of times.

Down load your copy here: hungrykid

Sometimes it takes some prep work. Today Bear wasn’t having any of it. I put my foot down about those damn yogurt raisins and you’d think I cut off his arm. So here’s another tip/trick, involve your bears. Ask them to help make a super snack. You’ll be amazed at the response ! Most kids just want to help and have fun. So let them help and make it fun. You get a short window when they look up at you with aw, use it to your advantage.

Today we made “Super Apple Surprise Sandwiches!”. Oh and you have to give everything a really long involved name. We sliced some apples with one of those handy slicer things. I used the largest setting so they wouldn’t fall apart right away. Then we broke out the nut butter. We use almond just cause I like it better. Hey I buy the stuff right? And lastly the “surprise”! Coco (not chocolate) granola with lots of yummy stuff in it. Then you just smush it all together with another apple slice and TADA! A snack fit for any hungry bear!

Sliced apple never looked so good!

Sliced apple never looked so good!

Super Apple Surprise Sandwich

You would never know it’s really healthy 😉


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