Mamaste – How to find time for yourself as a mother

I jumped out of bed this morning. Ran right past the glass jar of yogurt raisins that were blocking my clock so I couldn’t see that I had over slept. Hubby was blissfully making breakfast for everyone after feeding Little Bear. Unaware of the tornado that was his wife about to come streaking through the kitchen (it was a hot night, temperature wise) He was trying to let me sleep in that jerk! Seriously though he’s awesome. But really why the hell were there yogurt raisins in front of my clock? I vaguely remember a little face handing them to me talking about being hungry. Continue reading


What to feed a really, really, really, really hungry child

“Mommy, I’m really really really really hungry, again!” I should just make him a t-shirt at this point. Big bear is growing. I think about 2 inches this year so far. It’s got to hurt, but he’s a great little trooper and only asks for food. All the time. So much so that I had to set up a snack bin in our fridge for him. Sometimes I’m pre-occupied with Little bear to get him something right then. And lord forbid he has to wait for food. Other things I can get him to understand it might not be time yet. But food, not so much. Continue reading